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Cyber Security Awareness

2021 continued with a series of challenges. The pandemic has helped bad actors operate and find new security breaches. With the rapid digitalization of many operations, the move to hybrid...
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cyber risks

Cyber Risks in Companies

The risk of your organization to suffer a successful cyber-attack or data breach is only a matter of time. The cyber risks are growing, driven by global connectivity and the...
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Cyber Security in Organizations

More and more critical and personal information is becoming digital, stored, and accessible through wireless and wired digital communication networks. For us, it can be an advantage to be able...
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What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is already an increasingly important topic, especially due to the nature and scale of cyberattacks, which continue to grow and the complexity of attacks increases. 
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MYRMEX – our Neuromorphic Security Chip in Critical Infrastructure

What it does? MYRMEX gives you security and control. By using analogue techniques and technologies, we engineered a solution which is un-hackable by digital means. Our first product – MYRMEX...
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The great growling engine of change - technology.

- Alvin Toffler

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