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The next computing paradigm is “natural”.

And since, in the natural world, even flowers are using a form of memristive behaviour to adapt...

Secure by design — a necessity for the internet of things revolution

How many industrial companies take cybersecurity seriously when creating their equipment? You would think all of them...

CyberSwarm’s memristor-based approach to secure AI and IoT.

1 trillion new IoT devices will be produced by 2035, according to ARM. What does that imply?

Westworld Brains Are Neuromorphic Chips

Do you believe Westworld brains are so far away from reality? That they are only a work...

The golden winter of Artificial Intelligence

This article is meant to inform common people, investors and anyone interested, about what Artificial Intelligence really...

CyberSwarm @ Codiax

Mihai Raneti, Founder & CEO of CyberSwarm Inc.-Cybersecurity for the future: why hardware is a gamechanger!

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Alan Kay
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