2021 continued with a series of challenges. The pandemic has helped bad actors operate and find new security breaches. With the rapid digitalization of many operations, the move to hybrid or remote work has come with a number of different security challenges to deal with for organizations and not only. Why? For the simple reason...
cyber risks
The risk of your organization to suffer a successful cyber-attack or data breach is only a matter of time. The cyber risks are growing, driven by global connectivity and the use of cloud services, to store sensitive data and personal information. Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash How can an organization keep the data and employees...
More and more critical and personal information is becoming digital, stored, and accessible through wireless and wired digital communication networks. For us, it can be an advantage to be able to access it whenever we need it from any device but let’s see beyond convenience and understand the real treats that come with it. Photo...
Cybersecurity is already an increasingly important topic, especially due to the nature and scale of cyberattacks, which continue to grow and the complexity of attacks increases. 
What it does? MYRMEX gives you security and control. By using analogue techniques and technologies, we engineered a solution which is un-hackable by digital means. Our first product – MYRMEX was design with high modularity and flexibility in mind. Being immune against more advanced types of attacks such as quantum, it is future proof also....

The great growling engine of change - technology.

- Alvin Toffler

Everyone in the field of Artificial Intelligence knows what neural networks are. And most practitioners know the huge processing power and energy consumption needed to train pretty much any noteworthy neural network. That is to say, for the field to develop further, a new type of hardware is needed.
And since, in the natural world, even flowers are using a form of memristive behaviour to adapt and react it becomes even clearer why the interface between the natural world and the digital world will be similar.
How many industrial companies take cybersecurity seriously when creating their equipment? You would think all of them do that, right? Wrong.
1 trillion new IoT devices will be produced by 2035, according to ARM. What does that imply?
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