The risk of your organization to suffer a successful cyber-attack or data breach is only a matter of time.

The cyber risks are growing, driven by global connectivity and the use of cloud services, to store sensitive data and personal information.

cyber risks
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How can an organization keep the data and employees safe from cyber risks?

The answer may differ depending on the size of the business. Honestly everyone needs to be concerned about cyber security. Including that of third-party providers with which companies have a partnership, not just their own security.

Did you know that so many attacks of companies have taken place through the hacking of a provider?

Medium and large companies are already thinking about this, but small businesses may have other priorities — not the thought of their own security or that of third parties.

Cyber security threats come from any level of the organization. Now, more than ever, every staff member should know about simple social engineering scams designed to steal intellectual property (IP), personal or financial data.

The biggest risk I consider that companies do not take it seriously at all right now (probability and impact) is a sophisticated ransomware.

There are three areas that each company should focus on to prevent cyber risks:

  1. Reviewing and implementing their incident response plan.
  2. Using innovative technologies and solutions to ensure cybersecurity.
  3. Reviewing and testing their security strategy, backup, and recovery.

Gone are the days of simple firewalls and antivirus software, as the only security measures.

That’s why, at CyberSwarm, we invented a solution both hardware and software to protect your systems.

By using analogue techniques and technologies, we engineered a solution which is un-hackable by digital means.

Our product was design with high modularity and flexibility in mind. By being immune against more advanced types of attacks such as quantum, makes it is future proof also.

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