More and more critical and personal information is becoming digital, stored, and accessible through wireless and wired digital communication networks.

For us, it can be an advantage to be able to access it whenever we need it from any device but let’s see beyond convenience and understand the real treats that come with it.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Cyber security is a critical business issue for every organization.

The importance of good cyber security strategies is critical and evident in the recent high-profile security breaches of organizations such as Facebook, Yahoo, and so on, who “lost” extremely sensitive user information that caused irreparable damage to both their finances and reputation.

We all know that the most important thing today is information itself.

Through the years companies from around the world came up with different software solutions to secure our online presence. In the meantime, hackers and cybercriminals have honed and developed their skills to penetrate these software systems and access relevant or less relevant information.

Wondering what they need them for? They could ask a lot of money from the organization or to sell it to third parties for fabulous sums.

Our Solution

Unlike any other software solutions out there, we provide a physical gadget – that will be placed on each device you want to secure. We ensure both that the devices are completely hackproof by outside sources and that the data transferred over the Internet is unreadable and unalterable by any other device or user that is outside of the secure network.

HECK is an analog hardware security solution, un-hackable by digital means.

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