What it does?

MYRMEX gives you security and control.

By using analogue techniques and technologies, we engineered a solution which is un-hackable by digital means. Our first product – MYRMEX was design with high modularity and flexibility in mind. Being immune against more advanced types of attacks such as quantum, it is future proof also.

MYRMEX has a low power consumption mode and is using multiple channels (Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, etc.) to provide increased security for both the protected device and for the data transfer itself.

MYRMEX secures the communication and it has optional edge computing capabilities. It comes in various form factors and thus can be deployed in different types of environments – being able to fulfill any kind of customer requirements.

How to use is?

It’s easy – You just have to plug and play it! It works in two complementary ways – either in a point to point, point to many or in a mix between the two of them.

For Industrial Robots

Our industrial partners are using MYRMEX by attaching it to their industrial robots; thus insuring a low powered secure communication between their robots and their industrial platforms.

Photo by Lenny Kuhne on Unsplash

Their advantages are:

  • Full control of the infrastructure.
  • Enables easy integration with existing infrastructure such as cloud / data centers.
  • Totally secure communication, un-hackable by digital means.
  • Easy updates, by cutting the human interraction and errors.
  • Data coming in and out from the robots maintains total integrity.
  • No need for additional security solutions.

Do you have any question or you want to know how our product will protect your organization? Contact us anytime!

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