Our Innovative Technology

CyberSwarm's Technology

Is focused on creating a chip that uses properties of memristors, the brain and neuromorphic computing in cybersecurity.

This can be called neuromorphic cybersecurity.

By using analogue techniques and technologies, we engineered a solution which is un-hackable by digital means. Our first product – MYRMEX was design with high modularity and flexibility in mind and by being immune against more advanced types of attacks such as quantum, it is future proof also. 



To avoid any risk, no matter how small, we have created a solution that by its nature is impossible to break. Replicating the natural analog structure of the surrounding world, we provide you with a device that is un-hackable by any digital means.



With increased connectivity capabilities and larger and more complex software in automotive systems, modern vehicles are becoming more susceptible to cyber security attacks.

Thieves can lengthen the signal produced by the key, fooling the car into thinking the key is close by.

For example, insurance companies in the UK alone lose more than £ 1 million a day for stealing autonomous cars or various items from them.It means at least £376m last year.

  • Secure
  • Plug & Play
  • Low Power


Vulnerable to advanced hackers

Modern manufacturing relies heavily on industrial robots and other automated machines. Used in the production of everything from aeroplanes to smartphones, these robots and machines have become core features in smart factories all over the world.


But despite the numerous benefits they bring, some are not without their drawbacks, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.


This is a reality that could lead to them being controlled remotely and result in data breaches or event worst in losing humans lives

  • Secure
  • Plug & Play
  • Low Power

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