Mihai Raneti

Founder & CEO

Speaker Info

  • +40 760 389 585
  • mihai@cyber-swarm.net
  • cyber-swarm.net


Has extensive leadership experience and is a resilient 

entrepreneur who founded several companies during his career, seeking the optimal path to a highly secure communication system. 

Holding a degree in Psychology and one in Electromechanical Engineering, he pioneered CyberSwarm’s technology architecture, inventing a hardware based cyber-security solution.

He is a tech junkie, enthusiastic about quantum physics, math, history and problem solving. He dedicates his spare time to helping other entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey understand the intricate world of business.


  • B.A., Psychology of Human Behavior from Faculty of Psychology Bucharest 2008
  • B.Eng, Electromechanical Engineering from University of Bucharest Polytechnic