The Importance of Cyber ​​Security in Companies

Today we are more and more connected and present in the digital world.

We send documents in a second, we connect all our devices to the same laptop / computer, and we enjoy these benefits enormously. All these great benefits also bring us a number of huge risks. From the theft of personal and sensitive data to the loss of human lives.

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash

So how can we keep ourselves, our personal data and even our lives safe?

The answer may differ depending on the size of the business. But everyone needs to be concerned about cyber security, including that of third-party providers, not just their own security.
So many attacks of companies have taken place through the hacking of a provider with which they had a partnership. This is something that medium and large companies are already thinking about, but small businesses may have other priorities — not the thought of their own security or that of third parties.

The biggest risk that I consider that companies do not take at all seriously at this time (probability and impact) is a sophisticated ransomware.

There are three areas that each company should focus on:

1. reviewing and implementing their incident response plan

2. using technologies and different companies to ensure cybersecurity (and ransomware)

3. reviewing and testing their security strategy, backup and recovery.

Gone are the days of simple firewalls and antivirus software, as the only security measures.

That’s why at CyberSwarm we invented a device both hardware and software to protect your systems and which is impossible to access.

Myrmex – Analog CyberSecurity Solution from CyberSwarm

The cybersecurity risk is growing, driven by global connectivity and the use of cloud services, to store sensitive data and personal information. The large-scale deployment of cloud services associated with increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals — the risk of your organization suffering a successful cyber attack or data breach is only a matter of time.

Cyber ​​threats can come from any level of the organization. You need to educate your staff about simple social engineering scams, such as phishing and more sophisticated cyber security attacks, such as ransomware attacks or other malware designed to steal intellectual property, personal or financial data.

What is the impact of cybercrime?

Lack of focus on cybersecurity can affect your business in several ways, including:
Economic costs: theft of intellectual property, corporate information, interruptions in trading / production and the cost of repairing damaged systems
Reputational costs: loss of consumer confidence, loss of current and future customers to competitors and poor image in the media
Regulatory costs: GDPR and other data breach laws mean your organization could face regulatory fines or penalties for cybercrime

Companies should no longer wonder why cybersecurity is important, but how they can ensure that the organization’s cybersecurity practices are sufficient to comply with GDPR plus other regulations and to protect their business from simple or sophisticated cyber attacks.

We, at CyberSwarm, are developing an innovative solution that secures both the device and the communication. Why innovative? Because it cannot be accessed by any means.

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